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Third-party manufacturer (TPM)

Endless possibilities

Third-party manufacturer is ideal for any company that wants to get its products manufactured by other manufacturing companies under its own brand name. Especially for those companies who are in their developmental stage and are small in scale or for larger companies that don’t want to invest in more manufacturing capacity, third-party manufacturer is a perfect solution.

How we support your business

At Buisman, we are highly experienced in third-party manufacturer. Our clients:

  • Outsource small recipes that don’t fit within their own (bigger) production process.
  • Outsource startup products. The company might take production into its own hands once it’s time to expand the product line.
  • Receive semi-finished products, e.g. 25 kg bags of infant formula, that they then package themselves in smaller tins in the destination country.
    Temporarily outsource production when their own production lines are under maintenance.

We source our ingredients from the best resources, blend them into high-quality and safe products and deliver them properly at their destination.

Why choose Buisman for your third-party manufacturer?

Are you, as a Category Manager, Planner or Supply Chain Manager looking for the right place to outsource (a part of) your infant formula production? Buisman is your trustworthy partner. We are highly experienced, produce safe products and are fully certified. We apply strict quality control and food safety standards throughout the whole third-party manufacturer process.

Trust and safety are key during our third-party manufacturer process. Of course, we have all the required certificates and operate according to EU standards. We also have years of experience in the production of infant formula. As a result, we know how to develop the best products at affordable prices.

What you see is what you get. We are careful during our production process, but also with respect to your brand. When the third-party manufacturer of your brand’s product is in our hands, we will protect it well.

We offer tailor-made recipes, but also produce infant formula that is equal to what you are used to from previous manufacturing experiences. Are you also looking for support with artwork, like leaflets, product sheets, etc.? We can help you with those, too!

We are aware of all that’s involved in switching from one manufacturer to another, and can support you during this process.

Each client is important to us. You will receive the level of service you need.

How Buisman takes care of its clients

Taking care of our clients is self-evident to us. As a highly experienced manufacturer of infant formula, we work alongside you, as a Category Manager, Planner or Supply Chain Manager, to help you with your decisions with respect to third-party manufacturer.

Creating recipes

Do you, as the Category Manager, Planner or Supply Chain Manager of your company, not only want to let us produce your infant formula, but also support you in creating new recipes?

At Buisman, we are experienced in helping you in every way. If requested, we can brainstorm with you about compounds, recipes and how best to serve your customers. If you have already decided which compound you want, we are able to provide you with a custom recipe.

Our logistical footprint

Are you in charge of logistics within your company? We offer our clients the option to unpackage and repackage our products and arrange the appropriate transport documents to send the infant formula to the right place at the right time, wherever in the world that may be.

We understand the worldwide market demands in terms of quality and health and safety standards and we adhere strictly to these guidelines.

Endless possibilities

whether you are looking for a basic or more premium formulations, the possibilities are literally endless. From organic, cow or goat milk, halal, with prebiotics, probiotics, or palm oil free. Together with our clients we develop the formulation that suits your needs and the needs for the market, and we make sure the formulations meet all regulations.

With little effort, you can develop and bring a private label product on the market in a short time, switch to us safely to keep your existing infant formula product in the market without worrying about any shortages or expand your product range with something new.

In-house R&D

We are constantly researching and developing our products. Our in-house R&D department is constantly improving its recipes and creating compounds. As a result, we can also custom develop any private label compound you are looking for.

Flexible in packaging

There are different options for infant formula packaging: tins, bag-in-box, and packages of 25 kg. Wherever you want to deliver your private label bottle-feeding formula, we will support you in choosing the right packaging solution.

An independent player

We are proud to be an independent player in the Infant Formula Industry. We are not bounded to restrictions or obligations which enables us to work freely and without any compromises.

We are more flexible and quicker than most other companies. We have a track record in bringing products to market in a short time, without skipping steps. These are our strengths, and we would like to invite you to test our competences.

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