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Flexible Packaging

Packaging infant formula could be challenging. After all, depending on the local circumstances and those during any transportation, packaging is highly important in order for you to deliver the infant formula to your customers. It could be warm, cold, humid or dry, or a mix of that. What is the most suitable packaging solution for your business?

Our packaging possibilities

At Buisman we are very experienced and we offer a wide range of packaging solutions when it comes to infant formula. Whether you are are looking for a consumer packaging or industrial packaging, we can address your needs:

  • Tins
  • Bag-in-box
  • Bulk pack of 25 kg
  • BigBags (up to 1.000 kg)

The tins

A tin is a common way of packaging baby formula. There are two main advantages of packaging infant formula in tins. A tin is 100% recyclable, sturdy and can take a beating. Do you distribute baby formula to areas with high humidity? In tins, the product remains excellently protected.

The bag-in-box

Bag-in-Box literally refers to a bag that is placed in a box. It is the most cost effective way of packing infant formula and there is a wide range of customization possible. In addition, the square packaging makes it highly efficient to transport.

The industrial packaging (Paper bags & Bigbags)

Next to the consumer packaging solutions we are also offering industrial packaging solutions for your infant formula products. This not only makes us unique but it also offers you a wide range of new opportunities. whether it is more cost effective, lower transportation costs or the reduction of import duties.

An independent player

We are an independent player in the infant formula industry. This enables us to listen to the needs of our clients and adjust the infant formula formulations accordingly.

We are not bounded to restrictions which means you can choose the proposition of your infant formula product and brand.

You are also free to choose your own look and feel that matches your own brand. Would you like to adapt the look for international sales? No problem, we are happy to assist.

On top of that, we are more flexible and quicker than larger companies in the infant formula industry. We have a track record in bringing products to market in a short time. Would you, as a Category Manager, like to introduce a new baby formula product to your brand? Within two months, you can start to sell it!

How Buisman takes care of its clients

We take care of our clients in many ways. With our track record in Distribution of infant formula, we support clients from all over the world in their business ambitions.

Creating recipes

Are you looking for a new infant formula for your company? Or do you already have one in your portfolio, but you want to switch manufacturers or try something new? In any situation, we are willing to help you create new recipes!

Our logistical footprint

We understand the worldwide market demands in terms of quality and health and safety standards and we adhere strictly to these guidelines. We understand elements like managing stock, inventory forecasting, and the problems that arise when running out of product. For us, EDI is just as important as developing recipes.

Endless possibilities

Our basic recipe, of course, meets all EU standards. Should you prefer a premium recipe, we can offer you many safe and high-quality options. Whether you want the infant formula to be premium, organic, cow milk or goat milk, halal, palm oil free, with prebiotics, probiotics, coconut oil… The possibilities are endless.

In-house R&D

We are constantly researching and developing our products. Our in-house R&D department is constantly improving its recipes and creating compounds. As a result, we can also custom develop any private label compound you are looking for.

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