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Buisman Zwolle is the leading manufacturer of private label infant solutions. Dairy food products under your brand, enriched with extra vitamins or minerals to meet your market and customer needs. We help you develop and market a private label product either industrial and consumer packaging.

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Best quality underpinned by key certifications


This is why we’re loved by many

5.000 units

Our private label infant solutions can be ordered starting from 5.000 units.

The Big 5

Our state-of-the-art production facility is approved by all the big five, well known, producers of infant formula.

30% faster

Since we do a lot of the job in-house, we can guarantee a time-to-market that is 30% faster than other suppliers.

20.000 metric tons

Annual production capacity in producing high quality infant formulas.

CTA Buijsman Erik

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